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We’ve just added the Growing Up Organic website. (DRAHS June 14th  guest speaker, Laura Benes). This site is a must-see for kids. Lots of great photos and bits of information. There’s information on a YOUTH FOOD & FARM APPRENTICESHIP CAMP (12 – 16 years) organized by the Canadian Organic Growers (COG), through its Growing Up Organic project. Kids will join Stephanie Stewart, a professional chef and spend 2 days preparing and eating organic food.

According to a Globe and Mail article on March 3, 2011 “Organic farming is another rising trend in the camp world.” says Torry Reid of Canadian Organic Growers, who runs the camp.” Register online at

This site Includes a collection of tree care advice for the consumer, provided by the International Society of Arboriculture. You will find information on regular maintenance to promote tree health, including mulching, fertilizing and pruning. Considering that many tree species can live as long as 200 to 300 years and cost just as much for a larger tree purchase, preventive care is an investment worth making.

Also on this site are numerous publications; avoiding tree damage during construction, new tree planting, recognizing tree hazards, to name a few.

Connaught Nursery

A small family owned and operated nursery and organic garden business run by Grant and Dorothy Connaught. From a small greenhouse to a full service garden center with 8 greenhouses and a large market garden, 25 years later, the Dobson Family plan on developing their property into as complete a representation of Ottawa Valley flora as possible.

There are now bioregional demonstration gardens. Ten habitats have over three hundred plant species for water, bog, rock and woodland gardens, featuring wild flowers and ferns, shrubs and trees. They now offer for sale a selection of  native plants for the home landscape: native plants and seed stock originating within 100 miles of their nursery.

Member submission:

The Canadian Mothers’ Union Newsletter – 4 million members in 81 countries

Seedling Hope – A Worldwide Initiative

Plant something amazing. Sow a seed – $25.00

Famines are hitting sub-Saharan Africa harder as climates change. Your gift allows Mothers’ Union to help buffer farming communities against drought. Seeds and agricultural training help restore famine-hit communities, and build up a longer-term food supply. In Uganda each community passes on some of their seed crop to the next community to share the yield.

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