News from the Deep River Horticultural Society

It’s a Success – Brian McInall An update on the Maple Sap Wine Article and new recipes.

MacKenzie Community School Quad Garden Project

Our Guest Speaker, Laura Benes was a delight. She brought with her a tool that we’re sure will be valuable in our planning of the MacKenzie Community School Quad vegetable garden –  a school garden how-to DVD with loads of information and resources.

We’re encouraged by the response of our speaker evening; an email of help of a MacKenzie student, an offer of volunteer involvement from a caregiver at the Deep River FEN and the interest in being a part of the project by Mike Dumoulin, the teacher running the cafeteria program who “has a group of students that would be perfect for this project.” Add our Horticultural Society volunteers and a few parents, we’re off to a good start. But the more the merrier, so please join us in this great project.

Here’s a Youtube video with Mark Cullen about an urban Toronto garden:

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