News from the Deep River and Area Horticultural Society

The Deep River and Area Horticultural Society
Jeff Blackadar

(Maidenhair tree)

Past president of the Ottawa Horticultural Society
Past director – District 2 – Ontario Horticultural Association and
past chair of the Eastern Chapter of the Society of Ontario Nut Growers (ECSONG)

Jeff will describe the natural history of the tree, how to grow it from seed,
its preferred growing conditions & uses.

Tuesday April 10, 2012
Deep River Library
7:00 pm

Bring your questions for Jeff for the Q & A
to follow the presentation.

We’re starting off our
season with a
of our
65th anniversary.

Save room for
cake and refreshments.

Deep River’s Ginkgo Biloba is located in the arboretum beside the NR Long Term Care Centre deck on Ridge Road.

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