News from the Deep River and Area Horticultural Society

You’re Invited!

DRAHS Green Thumb Panel Luncheon
Sunday May 6
12:00 to 3:00 p.m.

A wonderful opportunity to get a small group of like-minded people in the same room, with great food, to chat about our gardens.

Send your questions and photos in to by Saturday April 28th and we’ll present the Green Thumb Panel suggestions over dessert, after a delicious lunch of squash soup, fresh baked roll, organic field green salad and scrumptious quiche.Our green thumb panel can help with seed-starting, alpine/rock gardens, organic vegetables, herbs, compost, trees, African violets, Rhododendrons, landscaping and much more.

Tickets are $15 and can be purchased in advance at Monica’s Pantry.
For more information – Kathryn Chiasson 613-584-4255

Flower Video

This only takes 2:28 mins. to watch. Each flower is  filmed for two days and photos are collated within 7 minutes to get this effect. Enjoy

Strong, sturdy, cedar, vegetable markers for the garden

I was at the Petawawa Showcase on Sunday. There was a fella there, Tim Schwan representing his company, Schwan Cedar out of Pembroke. Tim had these fabulous vegetable markers for the garden. They are sturdy and large enough so that when plants start to grow the markers won’t be hidden or topple over and large enough to print the name of the vegetable on them for the beginner gardener who may not recognize what plant is emerging from the earth.

Schwan Cedar also sells cedar shingles for roofs and siding. Cedar shingles look wonderful on the sides of garden sheds, melding in with nature very nicely. Schwan Cedar shingles are on the roof of the rest shelter down on the riverbank. The shingles age beautifully to a soft grey. Check out the website or call 613-735-5916 to get garden structure ideas.

Deep River Farmers Market Opens May 26th

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