AGM mini-minutes

The Deep River and Area Horticultural Society is delighted to report that its
full Slate of Officers and Board of Directors was filled at the Annual General
Meeting held on November 5th. A very special thank you is extended to those
who responded to our call for volunteers. Elections were held and your new
Executive for 2014 is:

Past President –Jennifer Hilton
President – Sharlene Desjardins
1st Vice President – Sheila Selby
Treasurer – Ken McDonald
Secretary – Marion Thompson

Board of Directors
Jen Bergevin
Bruce Bigham
Kathryn Chiasson
Angie Cross
Eva Gallagher
Michelle Parr

Monica Featherstone, Rolland Kelly, Kim Knight and Susan Miller were
recognized and thanked for their outstanding contributions to the Society in a
special Recognition Ceremony.

The Society needs volunteers to take on integral roles especially the role of
Tool Loan Co-ordinator. Contact Sharlene Desjardins 613-584-1748 if you can
help out.

We are seeking your input. How can we better retain/encourage interest in
general meetings and Society activities? Let us know your thoughts.

Congratulations and thanks to all exhibitors who participated in the 2013
Spring Flower Show and the 2013 Fall Flower and Vegetables Show. The following
received their trophies and awards at the AGM.

Highest Points in combined Flower Shows
– DRCA Rose Bowl
– Marion Thompson

Highest Point in Vegetable Show
– Bank of Montreal Silver Tray
– Gary Van Drunen

Deep River Horticultural Society Best of Show
– Jean Bigham (Spring Show) and Patti Szostak (Fall Show)

Judge’s Choice-

Spring Flower Show
-Marion Thompson

Spring Design Section
-Marion Thompson

Fall Flower Section
-Lorne Milani

Fall Vegetable Section
-Gary Van Drunen

Fall Design Section
-Patti Szostak

Exhibitor’s total points were tallied to determine the exhibitor’s placing.
Exhibitors’ highest points in both shows in descending order are as follows:

Marion Thompson
Gary Van Drunen
Patti Szostak
Bernie Deabreu
Nancy Stack
Anne Moffatt
Ann Unrau
Ryan Broome
Sharlene Desjardins
Bruce Bigham
Anna McCracken
Lorne Milani
Stasia Pennock
Blake Goss
Jean Bigham
Margaret Elliott
Zheng He

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