Photo Contest

Deep River and Area Horticultural Society

Photo Contest

(Sharlene Desjardins, Coordinator)

Contest is open to all residents of Deep River and Area.

Age categories

1. Age 12 and under
2. Age 13 to 20
3. Age 21 and over

Classes for 2014

1. “Out We Come” – First Spring Blooms (grouping)
2. “Up, Up and Away” – Vertical Gardening (trellis, fence, obelisk or container with support)
3. “Busy as a Bee” – Nature’s pollinators (does not have to be a bumblebee)
4. “The Beauty of Plants” – The essence or character of a plant (single bloom)
5. “Photographer’s Choice” – Must have a horticultural aspect to it


1. Only one entry per exhibitor per class.
2. The same image may be entered only once.
3. Photos may be adjusted for lighting and color balance, but should not be enhanced by adding or eliminating photo elements.
4. Entries will be accepted in paper or digital format. Submit digital entries via CD/DVD, memory stick or as an attachment in an email to with subject line: Photo competition. Please use .jpg format with the highest resolution possible.
5. Submit paper entries in 4” x 6” photo format on photo paper to the following address:
P.O. Box 2123
177 Ridge Road
Deep River
(For more information please call Sharlene at 613-584-1748)
6. Include your age category, class name and class number on a separate piece of paper or in a separate email for each photo or digital submission.
7. Submission deadline is September 15, 2014.

Ensure that your photos are entered into the correct class so that excellent photos do not get disqualified. If you wish to have your media returned to you, please enclose a self addressed, stamped envelope. Prizes and certificates for each class and age category will be awarded at the AGM.

Judging Points Scale: Horticultural Value 40%, Photographic Value 40% and Appearance and Impact 20%.

Judges to be determined.

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