September Newsletter


Happy Labour Day!september 

In the next month, we recommend that you:

– Pull up and compost your annuals

– Plant your spring bulbs

– Top dress your lawn and treat it for crabgrass

– Put your Christmas cactii somewhere warm and dark for 13 hours a day

– Flip your compost

– Submit your photos to the photo contest (See more below)

– Compete in and/or visit the Fall Flower and Vegetable Show (See more below)

– Visit Wellspring Gardens for an awesome farm tour (See more below)

The deadline for the photo contest is coming up soon. All photos are due September 15, 2014. You can see the rules and regs at . The categories are “Out We Come” – First Spring Blooms (grouping), “Up, Up and Away” – Vertical Gardening (trellis, fence, obelisk or container with support), “Busy as a Bee” – Nature’s pollinators (does not have to be a bumblebee), “The Beauty of Plants” – The essence or character of a plant (single bloom), and “Photographer’s Choice” – Must have a horticultural aspect to it. I know that I am submitting at least 3 photos tomorrow because why not?

The Society’s Fall Flower and Vegetable Show is being held on Saturday, September 6 at the Town Hall with public viewing from 12:30 to 3 p.m.

Exhibits may be placed Friday night September 5th from 5 – 6 p.m. and on Saturday morning between 8 – 11 a.m. Exhibitors are requested to pick up their entries between 3 – 3:30 p.m.

You are invited to come enjoy the sights and smells of a beautiful Fall harvest and see which plants grow well in Deep River and area. We are hoping to have a great display of beautiful flowers, mouth watering vegetables, herbs, vines and shrubs and show how the exhibitors interpreted the design classes. Hope to see you at the Show. The theme of this year’s show is “Spectacular Fall”.

On September 13th, there will be two Farm Tours at Wellspring Gardens (228 Leader Road). They are from 1-2:30 pm and 3-4:30 pm. You will be guided around a working farm. Some highlights will include: the pond, chickens, pigs, the greenhouses, the farm stand, the irrigation system, “caterpillar” tunnels, wood lot, and the nicest and funniest farm team I have ever met (and I know a lot of farmers.) This is an amazing opportunity for the whole family. My daughter and all of her friends love spending the afternoon at the farm. Pre-registration is required. Just let me know if you want to join us, but do it soon. Spaces are limited and they are filling up fast! Note: We regret that dogs are not welcome on these tours.

Note, too, that the second part of our Lecture/Workshop Series, Your Kids in Your Nature, is coming up on Sunday, October 5th at 1:30 p.m. In “Creating Spaces,” we will be looking at play spaces.

Play spaces are shown to improve children’s gross motor, fine motor, social and problem-solving skills, increase agility and coordination, prevent obesity, stimulate creativity, and allow for peaceful practise of self-regulatory and other life skills. Willow huts, hidey-holes, and playhouses can provide children with much needed sanctuaries, retreats, and quiet get-away places in the peace and safety of your own garden.

This workshop will focus on how to create these child-, safety- and play-friendly spaces. Also, you will help build a willow hut in a local schoolyard and leave with the plans, experience, resources and understanding of how to build your own at home. This is a family workshop and children are very welcome. Registration is encouraged.

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