Free Workshop Today!

Today is the day! All are welcome to join us for a FREE workshop and lecture presented by the Deep River and Area Horticultural Society and KidActive. Meet us at the Deep River Library (55 Ridge Road) at 1:30 this afternoon for Creating Spaces!

Play spaces are known to improve children’s gross motor, fine motor, social and problem-solving skills, increase agility and coordination, prevent obesity, stimulate creativity, and allow for peaceful practice of self-regulatory and other life skills. Willow huts, hidey-holes and playhouses can provide children with much needed sanctuaries, retreats and quiet get-away places in the peace and safety of your own garden.

This workshop will focus on how to create these child-, safety- and play-friendly spaces.

As a group, we will work together to build a willow hut in a local schoolyard. Each participant will leave with the plans, experience, resources and understanding of how to build a willow hut at home.

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