Town Hanging Flower Baskets and Containers

The Deep River and Area Horticultural Society had provided the hanging baskets from 1967 until 2012. Town staff water the plants all season and volunteers deadhead them through the late spring, summer and early fall.

The Town stores the 14 containers and the canna lilies over the winter. Since 2010, the local Canadian Tire has donated to our container program, offering all of the flowers in our containers, including the two by the hospital.

Suggestions for flower selection are always welcome and encouraged.

Tending the North Renfrew Long-Term Care Centre Gardens

“Volunteer Request”

A spring day in the garden with other volunteers to help with planting annuals in the front gardens and then weeding, pruning and general tidying up of the flower beds, both in front of the centre and down on the river side of the building.

Coordinator: Marion Thompson 613-584-3003

Tending the Hospital Gardens

A volunteer design team and a group of dedicated volunteers have tended the gardens since 1977. In the spring of 2010 our volunteers consulted on tree removal and doing a large overhaul of all of the gardens.

On a spring morning in 2011 we offered an extensive consultation with 3 volunteers, the Garden Ladies, who made suggestions for pruning bushes, eliminating some invasive trees and bushes, moving some perennials to fill some gaps and a list of plant suggestions to keep the hospital garden to minimum maintenance. The hospital now has summer staff and a full-time employee to look after the maintenance of the gardens so our volunteers will not be heading to the hospital this spring.

Community Garden Plots – Grouse Park, Bill Rounding Park, the Hospital and the Deep River Restaurant

Vegetable gardening at it’s finest; tranquil, serene areas with lots of sun and most with water access. Beginner to advanced green thumbs work in their gardens at all times of the day, coming and going as they please, chatting and exchanging tips, garden books and seeds.

We can recall our Society members planting in the community gardens long before 1975. Many, gardening in the plots, have for many years, given fresh produce to the food bank through out the growing season.

To rent a garden plot you must become a member. A small fee is applicable. We will contact you in the beginning of May after our membership drive is complete to confirm your plot rental.

Grouse Park Coordinator: Bruce Bigham 613-584-2198

Bill Rounding and the Hospital Coordinator: Bernie DeAbreu 613-584-2837

Tool and Trailer Loan Service

What a great service this is! It’s been running for 35 plus years. Volunteers look after one or several tools at their home. Do we have tools! We loan out: augers, hedge trimmers, sledge hammer, rollers, sod lifter, spreaders, wheelbarrows, fence stretcher, loppers and more.

For members, we also have two small trailers for loan for garden use only. There are no overnight loans of the trailers. These trailers are parked for the winter season, except for use in December by the Boy Scouts for their Christmas Tree sales.

A complete listing of our tools and contact information is printed in our Yearbook each year. Access to the loan service is included in the $15.00 yearly membership. Yearbooks are given out at the time of signing up for a membership.

District 2 Photo Contest

This year’s District 2 Photo Contest is coming to our doorstep. Why not submit a photo or two (or ten!)? You might win a cash prize and praise and recognition. Be sure that you read the rules with care, if you want to participate. Please note that you must submit your entries to Linda Bartlett by March 31, 2015.

The categories are as follows:

1. “Only A Bloom or Two- a single bloom or two blooms of same flower

2. “Stop Bugging Me” – plants and insects

3. “Caught In The Rain” – a flower, leaf or garden vegetable after a rain shower

4. “So Well Contained” – container garden (one or more containers)

5. “Bridging the Gap” – a bridge, arbor or gate featured in a garden

6. “Small Wonders” – a child or pet in a garden

7. “A Pathway in Colour” – a path or roadway featuring our glorious fall colours

8. “The Recycled Garden” – a repurposed item incorporated in the garden

9. “Let’s Smell the Roses” – a close-up of a single rose

10. “Nature’s Bounty” – your interpretation

The co-ordinator for the 2015 photo competition is Linda Bartlett.


  • Exhibitors must be a member in good standing of a Horticultural Society in good standing within District 2.
  • Entries will be accepted in digital format or print format. They can be mailed to Linda Bartlett, 1060 Ford Road, Perth, Ontario K7H 3C3. Digital photos will also be accepted by email as attachments (one photo per email) to – Subject line: D2 Photo Competition.
  • Please provide entries in .jpg format with as high a resolution as possible (i.e. do not reduce the size of the file provided from your camera).
  • Photos may be adjusted for lighting and colour balance, but should not be enhanced by adding or eliminating photo elements.
  • Only one entry per exhibitor per class.
  • The same image may be entered only once.
  • Take care to ensure photos are entered into the correct class so they do not get disqualified.
  • Identification of entries: Please name your digital entries with the following format: YourName_SocietyName_Class_Number eg: lindabartlett_perth_class1 or brendasmith_nepean_class3

Please submit your entries to Linda Bartlett by March 31, 2015. If you wish to have your media (CD/DVD, memory stick) or photos returned to you, please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Better yet, when you take that great photo, why not email it to the coordinator right away. Your photos will be stored in a D2 Photo 2015 folder under your own personal name and entered into the competition next April.

Photos will be projected in a slideshow format presentation at the D2 AGM.

Prizes will be awarded at the D2 AGM in Petawawa on April 25, 2015.

Prizes for each class (if merited) 1st: $3.00, 2nd: $2.00, 3rd: $1.00. Best in Competition – $5.00.

Judging Points Scale: Horticultural Value 40%, Photographic Value 40% and Appearance & Impact 20%.

The Judge’s decision is final.

 District 2 Annual General Meeting

The District 2 AGM is at the Petawawa Civic Center on April 25th this year. Any member of our Society can attend for free. The theme of the day is “Sustainability.” Your day would start with a talk and demonstration by Kevin Nieman, a local florist, musician, and raconteur who will keep you mesmerized as he demonstrates his take on the theme. The D2 Photo competition results and a lecture by well-known horticulturalist, Jay McLaren will precede a free lunch. I, generally, use the time between lunch and the AGM to scope out the vendors’ displays and buy myself a couple of neat items for my home, garden, family and myself. A large number of vendors with a variety of horticultural merchandise have already been booked. Marion always uses this time to check out and bid at the Silent Auction. This year there are too many items to even begin to list but a piece from a local blacksmith valued at $100 has been promised.

At the AGM you will have the chance to consider, discuss, question and vote on key issues concerning our Society and our region. After the meeting, the key-note speaker, Mike Johns, will tackle the subject of Sustainability from a manufacturer’s viewpoint. It should be truly fascinating. If you want to attend the AGM, for free, contact Marion Thompson ( or 584-3003) before April 4th.


The Farmers’ Market

A Farmers’ Market in Deep River!

We’ll be selling heritage seeds and garden related items, new and used. This is a wonderful opportunity for the DRAHS to do some extra fundraising by selling donated garden tools, magazines and books. We will also have commissioned garden items for sale as well from local craftspeople and artisans. Bring your seeds to swap.

We invite our members: home vegetable gardeners and cut flower growers to sell from our table, eliminating the need for a table and set-up. Just bring your bounty and a chair.

See Facebook for regular updates.

Summer Garden Tour

Drop us an email if you would like to have your garden on the tour:

Spring Flower Show and Fall Flower and Vegetable Show

This year we have two shows to look forward to.

Visit again soon for more details

“Volunteer Request”

Contact Marion if you would like to help with this event: setting up the hall and closing the shows down, providing refreshments or baked goods – 613-584-3003

Vegetable Garden Tours

Join us in the gardens of some of our long standing members who really know what they are talking about when it comes to vegetable gardening. Contact Marion  – 613-584-3003

Rattlesnake Beans planted from heritage seeds purchased in 2011 at the Pembroke Seedy Sunday


The Deep River & Area Horticultural Society produces a yearbook each spring, which members receive when they sign up and pay for their annual membership of $12.00.

“Volunteer Request”

Do you enjoy writing? We’re always happy to receive plant and garden related articles for our Yearbook and the website.

Contact Marion 613-584-3003

Annual General Meeting

Tuesday November 13, 2012 @ 7:00 p.m. at the library in Deep River.

The guest speaker to be announced later in the year.

Come out and put your name or someone else’s forward for the nomination of the executive and board members.

It’s a full evening so we start promptly at 7:00 p.m.  It’s an opportunity to meet the executive and board members and get a short overview of the successes of the year (details available in hardcopy for those who would like to have more in depth information about our club).

We present the winners of our Spring Flower Show and Fall Flower and Vegetable Show with prizes.

Stay for coffee, tea and treats and meet our guest speaker and maybe you’ll take home one of our many door prizes.

“Volunteer Request”

Are you a dynamic speaker who loves to share stories about your garden or expertise? Would you have time to bake a few dozen cookies? Would helping to set-up or clean up the library meeting room be more your thing? We’d love to meet you.

Speaker Series & Workshops

Pruning Flowering Trees and Shrubs Demonstration, Workshop and Lecture

Jay McLaren, local horticulturalist and professor at Algonquin College, will be at the Chalk River Library to demonstrate how to prune flowering trees and shrubs on May 3rd. Learn how by watching Mr. McLaren prune in real-time as he outlines the dos and don’ts of successful pruning on a variety of different species. More information will be in the next newsletter. Keep your eyes peeled.

“Volunteer Request”

Are you an expert in some area of gardening? Do you know someone who would give a great talk on a gardening topic? Please let us know. We have a few dates open for a Speakers Series and we could always add a few extra dates if needed.

We like to serve treats and refreshments at our Speakers Series, so would welcome a dozen of your favourite treats to share with others on these evenings.

And of course at the end of the evening, if you have 5 minutes to help stack a few chairs that is always appreciated. Or maybe washing up coffee cups is more your thing.

Contact Marion Thompson for the Speakers Series 613-584-3003

Goings on Further Afield

The following events are taking place in March and April further afield.

Using Stone in the Garden

March 26 – 7:30 pm
Josie Pazdzior, Master Gardener
Rockcliffe Park Community Centre, 380 Springfield Road, Ottawa
Hosted by the Rockcliffe Garden Club
Guest fee: $7

Visit the Master Gardeners’ booth

March 26 to 29, 2015
Ottawa Home & Garden Show
EY Centre, 4899 Uplands Drive, Ottawa

They’ll be there all weekend at this annual spring show, to answer your gardening questions.

Native Plants for Town Gardens

April 1 – 7:00 pm
Josie Pazdzior, Master Gardener
St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, 39 Bridge Street, Carleton Place

Hosted by the Carleton Place & District Horticultural Society

Plant for Incredible Edibles

April 7 – 7:00 pm
Building 72, Arboretum, Central Experimental Farm, Ottawa
David Hinks, Master Gardener
Register at: 613-230-3276 or by email
FCEF members $12, non-members $15

The Beauty of Annuals

April 16 – 7:30pm
Diane McClymont Peace, Master Gardener
CityView United Church, 6 Epworth Ave., Nepean
Hosted by the Nepean Horticultural Society

Hosted by the Nepean Horticultural Society
Guest fee: $4

Making Scents of your Garden

April 20 – 7:30 pm
Judith Cox, Master Gardener
4373 Generation Court, Ottawa
Hosted by the Gloucester Horticultural Society

Three mini-lectures in one evening

April 21 – 7:00 pm
Building 72, Arboretum, Central Experimental Farm, Ottawa
– Earthy Delights by Edythe Falconer, Master Gardener
– Keeping the Garden Going Strong by Josie Pazdzior, Master Gardener
– Trees and Shrubs for the Urban Garden by Laura Henderson, Master Gardener

Register at: 613-230-3276 or by email
FCEF members $12, non-members $15

One-Day Garden Design Workshop

April 25
Rideau Park United Church, 2203 Alta Vista Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario
Master Gardeners of Ottawa-Carleton are pleased to present this day-long intensive garden design workshop. Intended for gardeners of all skill levels, this workshop will walk you through:

  • Taking stock of your garden: assess your soil,sun, shade, wind and other environmental factors; and develop a working sketch of your garden. Identify your specific goals by defining your functional needs and your garden style.
  • Creating the structural bones of your garden by defining areas for access paths, decks, fences, pergolas, patios, sheds and water features; choose the colour, size and shape of these garden features to match your garden style.
  • Considering all the important factors when choosing large planting material: trees, shrubs, hedges, and vines.
  • Appreciating good garden design principles and using them to create your personal vision, with all-season interest.
  • Selecting perennials and using their best features to create beauty and that Wow! factor to make your garden a neighbourhood knockout.
  • Understanding how your garden matures and what to do to keep it looking its best.
  • One-on-one advice from experienced Master Gardeners will guide you through the practicalities of garden design.

Your $60 registration fee covers all costs for the day, including refreshments and a lunch of sandwiches, fresh fruitand vegetables. Seating is limited and early registration is recommended.

You can register on-line or by mail. For program and registration information go to our website:

Gardens of Cuba

April 30 – 7:30 pm
Mary Ann Van Berlo, Master Gardener
Rockcliffe Park Community Centre, 380 Springfield Road, Ottawa
Hosted by Rockcliffe Garden Club
Guest fee: $7