Photos taken by Kim Knight:

These little lovelies pecked every seed out within a week.

This year we splurged on upgraded container soil for our planters. It made a huge difference. Canadian Tire donated all the flowers for the 14 containers around town. The two containers filled to the brim with flowers donated by the DRAHS to the Deep River Hospital also did very well this year. They were placed at the front doors.

Callie, looking like she's sniffing flowers. The flowers are in fact a distance away in a container.

A mystery. Can you put a name to this?

There's been a few threats of frost in the neighbourhood already. I've been out with the sheet to cover up this container, hoping to give me a few more weeks of beauty.

I love this Leopard's Grass (barely visible at top left) which I bought about 4 years ago. I haven't been able to find the same grass at Valu-Mart, Canadian Tire or the local nurseries. I moved it to our new property two years ago and it is thriving. It's about 5' tall now.

A peek into Wendy Murphy's front garden.


Marion Thompson's iris

Just past it's vibrant beauty but still wonderful, Marion's allium.

One of Doug Champ's breathtaking peony bushes overladen with spectacular blooms.

Doug Champ's peonies.

Photos of  lilies taken at Cheryl Brabants Nursery where there are literally a hundred or more variety of lilies for sale.

Hemerocallis South Seas

Hildred West

Siloam Paul Watts